AGESCO s.n.c. is a modern and dynamic company active in the export of agro-industrial products. 
The company, founded in 1986 by Giorgio Zambianchi and Luciano Preli who had previous expertise in the agro-industrial sector,  was able to evolve commercial agency according to the trends of the market.

AGESCO s.n.c. has worked in the tomato industry (the companyís core business) for thirty years, but throughout the years it has also been able to enter new markets broadening their offer of food products (pasta, special kinds of pasta, Kit and dry sauces) and non-food products (packaging).

AGESCO s.n.c.ís skills in the export  business have allowed many Italian companies to interface in international markets thanks to the expertise and services it offers.

The clientele handled by AGESCO s.n.c. is made of processing factories, distribution chains and European market importers.

It is the competence in the European market to allow AGESCO s.n.c.the constant monitoring of the marketís metamorphosis and relevant guidelines, offering its customers a thorough service.